Crazy-Ass Italian Sport Combines Rugby With Bare-Knuckle Fighting

There is a sporting event held annually in the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. It is called Calcio Fiorentino, and it is an ancient form of football that is essentially rugby, but with a whole bunch of dudes just mercilessly beating the crap out of each other. » 7/29/14 1:03pm 7/29/14 1:03pm

Italian Baseball Team's Major League Parody Gets Real Racist Real Fast

This starts out as a pretty great shot-for-shot remake of the American Express commercial from Major League. It's funny for a while—the costumes are right, and those Italian dudes are doing a good job at delivering their lines—but then you remember that the original scene ends with Willie Mays Hayes sliding into home… » 3/18/14 10:23am 3/18/14 10:23am

Adorable Old Lady Wants To Talk To Kyle Flood And Eric LeGrand About…

As you might expect, the Kyle Flood radio program fielded all kinds of questions and comments from listeners who gathered at the Rutgers football stadium for last night's weekly broadcast. But none of those who came forward was better than little old Ann Gentile, who wanted to talk to coach Flood and Eric LeGrand… » 9/06/12 5:10pm 9/06/12 5:10pm

Wearing A Fish Bib And Singing An Italian Song Did Not Give Tommy…

This was the scene Sunday evening at Bamonte's, an Italian restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn that's been open since 1900. Bamonte's is a wonderfully old-school red-sauce joint—try the stuffed peppers appetizer and the eggplant rollatini—and it's not uncommon there for a couple of old-timers whose… » 6/08/12 6:00pm 6/08/12 6:00pm

Chow Fun: Jeremy Lin Has A Pleasant Lunch With "Chink In The Armor"…

Anthony Federico, the former ESPNer who wrote the "Chink In The Armor" headline for which he has been apologizing to anyone who'll stand still long enough, tells Newsday: "We talked more about matters of faith [and] reconciliation. We talked about our shared Christian values and what we're both trying do with this… » 3/28/12 3:30pm 3/28/12 3:30pm

Italian Copy Editor Won't Let A Day Go By Without Offering An Apology…

Anthony Federico, the editor behind ESPN's notorious Jeremy Lin headline, took to long-form Twitter today to apologize: » 2/22/12 4:28pm 2/22/12 4:28pm

Frisky Italian TV Reporter Grabs David Beckham's Crotch

My Italian is spotty, but I think I can figure out what this woman is trying to do. I still don't understand why she needed the rubber gloves to grope Beckham. [WhoAteAllThePies] » 1/21/10 12:55pm 1/21/10 12:55pm