Medics Tend To Injured Rugby Player As Match Continues Around Them

This is a bizarre scene from the Ireland-Italy match in the Six Nations Championship. Ireland's inside centre, Gordon D'Arcy, went down with an apparent leg injury and play continued around him as he remained on the ground. Eventually medics showed up to tend to him, but the action never really left the area so play… » 3/08/14 1:51pm 3/08/14 1:51pm

Italian Basketball Coach Flips Out About Sportsmanship After Loss

Head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco of second-place Italian basketball team Orlandina Basket seemed disappointed with a 78-76 loss to FCM Ferentino, a team with a 9-10 record, on Feb. 1. But someone on FCM Ferentino apparently did something unsportsmanlike at some point, and it set Pozzecco off in the postgame conference. » 2/05/14 8:25pm 2/05/14 8:25pm

An Interview With Richie Incognito, Italian Teenager

Because we don't work out with Richie Incognito, we weren't able to land him for an interview. So we did the next best thing: We spoke with 17-year-old Richie Incognito, a student from Varese, Italy, and asked him his feelings on the Dolphins imbroglio. » 11/18/13 4:17pm 11/18/13 4:17pm

Simone Biles Vs. The Racists: Are Black Gymnasts The New Black QBs?

Last week in Belgium Simone Biles made history by becoming the first woman of color to win an all-around title at the world championships, just a year after Gabby Douglas took the top spot at the Olympic Games. » 10/11/13 4:47pm 10/11/13 4:47pm

Italy Beats Uruguay In Penalties For Third Place In Confederations Cup

Wow. That was a pretty good game, right? The Confederations Cup consolation match between Italy and Uruguay was a meaningless game in a meaningless tournament, and it wasn't supposed to do anything more than whet our appetite ahead of tonight's final between Brazil and Spain. Along the way, it turned out to be the best … » 6/30/13 5:30pm 6/30/13 5:30pm

Uruguay Just Conceded A Semi-Maybe-Own Goal To Italy

Italy is taking on Uruguay in the Confederations Cup third-place match, and so far, the first half has been absolutely hectic. Both sides are getting forward with some of the world's best strikers running at tired defenders, and there have been plenty of chances. So it's strange that the first goal came on an absolute… » 6/30/13 1:00pm 6/30/13 1:00pm

Italy's WBC Run Ends In Tears And Errors

Italy's unlikely run at the World Baseball Classic is over. As against the Dominican Republic, Italy jumped out to an early lead on the Puerto Rico. And, as against the Dominican Republic, they gave it all back late. And though baseball is a team game, it's hard not to pin the blame on two shortstops, career minor… » 3/14/13 9:13am 3/14/13 9:13am

Good News, Everyone, Dennis Rodman Is On His Way To The Vatican

Dennis Rodman is currently headed to the Vatican to try and arrange a meeting with the soon-to-be-elected Pope. This trip comes on the heels of Rodman's visit to North Korea, where he became super good buddies with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. So I guess this is just what Dennis Rodman does now. Neat. » 3/12/13 10:25am 3/12/13 10:25am

Soccer Club President Screams At Ref Over Stadium Loudspeaker

Fourth-tier Italian side Nuovo Campobasso was infuriated with some of the officials' decisions during the match on Sunday. Team president Ferruccio Capone busted into the announcer's booth, and "heavily insulted" the referee over the stadium's public address system. (You can hear him yelling at the 10-second mark of the … » 1/16/13 2:00pm 1/16/13 2:00pm

A Final Moment Of Sportsmanship At Euro 2012, As Spanish Goalkeeper…

For a tournament that began with more than its fair share of racism and fan violence, Euro 2012 ended on a note more in line with the spirit of the game. Already down 2-0, Italy lost its last sub to injury, and conceded another pair of goals with just 10 men. In stoppage time, cameras caught Spanish goalkeeper and… » 7/03/12 9:40am 7/03/12 9:40am