Ivory Coast Fans Mob Pitch As Team Qualifies For Africa Cup Of Nations

Ivory Coast took on Cameroon at home in Abidjan today, in their final match of 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualification. With three minutes of stoppage time left, and both teams assured of qualifying with a 0-0 draw, Cameroon was content to let the Ivory Coast pass the ball around unmolested. » 11/19/14 10:34pm 11/19/14 10:34pm

Colombia's Four Goals Mean Four Instances Of Amazing Announcing

Colombia put four balls in the net yesterday, which means we have four instances of Javier Fernández Franco going berserk and four instances of the awesome Caracol heavy metal celebration song. Here's everything from Colombia's Caracol TV, and the rest of the goals scored yesterday as heard in the home country. » 6/25/14 12:00pm 6/25/14 12:00pm

Why Serey Die Broke Down During His National Anthem

Ivory Coast midfielder Serey Die shed tears while attempting to sing the anthem today. It wasn't patriotism—it was soon reported by multiple outlets that Die had learned of the death of his father two hours before kick-off. (The rumor appears to have been started by a hacky Twitter account.) It turned out to be… » 6/19/14 4:22pm 6/19/14 4:22pm

Two Phenoms Could Make Themselves Very Rich Today

Most of us will tune into today's clash between the Ivory Coast and Colombia to see who'll leave the game atop Group C. But for some of the world's biggest clubs—Premier League giants Arsenal and Manchester United, perhaps—the focus will be on two players in particular: 21-year-old Ivorian right back Serge Aurier and… » 6/19/14 11:44am 6/19/14 11:44am

For Ivory Coast's Golden Generation, This Is Their Last Shot At Glory

It's put up or shut up time for Ivory Coast this summer. The Elephants have gone almost a decade as easily Africa's most talented squad, yet time and again, they've come up short in international play. In a finally forgiving World Cup group, and with a couple key players in the form of their lives, Ivory Coast has one… » 6/04/14 3:35pm 6/04/14 3:35pm

The Most Stylish Way To Complete A Hat Trick

Remember this name: Souleymane Coulibaly (no pronunciation guide needed!) is a player for the Ivory Coast national team, and he has been scoring a lot of goals lately. His hat trick against Brazil yesterday gave the African squad a 3-3 tie and a place among the final 16 teams in the U-17 World Cup in Brazil, and he's… » 6/27/11 3:10pm 6/27/11 3:10pm