Jack Clark's Lawyer Responds To Albert Pujols's Lawsuit With Pizazz

Albert Pujols is suing former baseball player Jack Clark because Clark recently went on his now-cancelled radio show and told listeners that Pujols's trainer once told him that Pujols had been "juicing." Judging by a settlement offer that was sent from Clark's attorney to Pujols's attorney this morning, Clark has… » 10/14/13 1:14pm 10/14/13 1:14pm

Albert Pujols Will Sue You If You Say He Used PEDs

In what is surely a distant second in sexiness among today's baseball lawsuits, Albert Pujols is suing former radio host Jack Clark for claiming he knew "for a fact" that Pujols used steroids in St. Louis. » 10/04/13 5:35pm 10/04/13 5:35pm

Jack Clark Fired From Radio Show After Saying Albert Pujols Used PEDs

On Friday, former St. Louis Cardinals player Jack Clark insinuated that Albert Pujols had used steroids early in his career. That statement has now cost him his job as radio co-host on WGNU, a gig he hasn't even held down for a week. » 8/10/13 12:00pm 8/10/13 12:00pm

N.Y. Daily News Still Pissed At Flyers Fans Who Booed Grizzly Mom

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 9/25/10 9:00am 9/25/10 9:00am

Analyst: Cardinals Quit With "Poopy in their Pants" and "Skid Marks in…

Former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, and current team anaylst, Jack "The Ripper" Clark has grown tired with the home nine's lack of effort. He isn't content just to mention that they're "quitters," though. He gets all diagnosis-y with it. » 9/18/10 12:30pm 9/18/10 12:30pm

Jack The Skipper

Vaguely tragic Jack Clark, hired last fall to manage the Springfield Sliders, has already missed 10 home games because of "commitments to Fox Sports Midwest and various other duties." They should give the job to Andre Dawson instead. [State Journal-Register] » 8/11/09 8:30am 8/11/09 8:30am

Jack Clark: Still Hating On The Mets

Back in the days of the old National League East, it was the St. Louis Cardinals that declared themselves mortal enemies of the New York Mets. But even time and realignment can't stop Jack Clark from holding a grudge. » 7/01/09 5:00pm 7/01/09 5:00pm