Jacked Creature: In Praise Of Tom Cruise's Relentless Intensity

There are lots of perfectly understandable reasons not to like Tom Cruise. His attitude about antidepressants. The Oprah couch-jumping episode. That church he attends. And, outside of his personal life, he's made tons of questionable professional choices, yes. » 12/21/12 5:58pm 12/21/12 5:58pm

Tom Cruise Vs. Werner Herzog And Adventures In Perilous White People…

The summer movie world is in a bit of a lull right now: Spider-Man showed up in time for July 4, Savages sneaked in just under the "Blake Lively Being Double Teamed-Themed Festivus Day" holiday wire and now everyone's slowing their roll for a couple of weeks until The Dark Knight Rises opens. Which means it's time to… » 7/06/12 4:30pm 7/06/12 4:30pm