Surly Jack White Throws First Pitch In Detroit

» 7/29/14 9:30pm 7/29/14 9:30pm

Jack White, Surly Baseball Fan Dates Back To At Least 2012

This is a hype video for Miguel Cabrera's 2012 triple crown season. There are several well known celebrities and ballplayers in it who say they want to get "Miggy wit it." Like the Will Smith song. And then, around the :55 mark, Jack White, noted Tigers fan, shows up. He is asked to say "gettin' Miggy wit it" and… » 7/26/14 11:19am 7/26/14 11:19am

Jack White Continues Unhappy MLB Tour With Batting Practice Photo

We saw a grumpy-looking Jack White at a Cubs game Tuesday, but he's apparently not done looking unhappy in baseball contexts just yet. Here he is, looking unkempt and generally uncomfortable as he takes BP at Comerica Park. You wish you could brood like that. » 7/25/14 6:10pm 7/25/14 6:10pm

Blues Brothers: Why Jack White And Patrick Carney Won't Shut Up

Behold Weezer Doing Their Best Song In Jack White's Phone Booth

Yes, "Susanne." The answer to your question is "Susanne." I would disable Kinja if I could, to prevent anyone from even contesting this. Anyways, here we see Weezer (their lineup much scrambled since this tune graced the Mallrats soundtrack in 1995) re-recording it in Jack White's tiny, weird straight-to-vinyl booth » 4/07/14 12:44pm 4/07/14 12:44pm