David Ortiz Greets Jacoby Ellsbury: "Hey, Rich Bitch"

David Ortiz took a second to mess with a couple of his former teammates, as the Yankees clobbered the Red Sox last night. Big Papi wiggled his fingers at Stephen Drew and called out to Jacoby Ellsbury with a “Hey, rich bitch!”—likely a reference to the 7-year, $153 million contract that lured Ellsbury to New York.
» 4/13/15 10:12am 4/13/15 10:12am

Why The Yankees Rebuild From Without

Jacoby Ellsbury is a very good outfielder, signed at market rate, who projects to age well but in five or six years will nevertheless be one of the more overpaid players in the game. But that's a problem for another day, and despite dropping $238 million on Ellsbury and Brian McCann, the Yankees still have more than a… » 12/04/13 9:32am 12/04/13 9:32am

Angry, Dumb Red Sox Fans Call Jacoby Ellsbury A "Trader"

Free agent outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury has agreed to a deal with the Yankees. He used to play for the Red Sox. In case you are an alien or a baby born today who just learned how to use a computer, the Red Sox and Yankees are big rivals. Anyway, Boston fans are mad about Ellsbury being a traitor for switching teams. If… » 12/03/13 9:42pm 12/03/13 9:42pm

Jacoby Ellsbury Placed On Disabled List After Dislocating His Shoulder Yesterday

It's been a tough April for the Red Sox. They're in last place in the East and are still dealing with the hangover of last September's epic collapse. Centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury can't be blamed for either. He was the best position player in the American League last year (321/.375/.552, 32 HR), and was 7 for his… » 4/14/12 6:00pm 4/14/12 6:00pm

Boston's Rookies Are Too Much For Colorado

Who needs Papi, Manny, and Beckett when you've got Dustin, Jacoby, and Matsuzaka? The trio of rookies set the tone for the Boston Red Sox in their Game 3 victory over the Colorado Rockies. Jacoby Ellsbury moved into the leadoff spot and he responded with four big hits. Fellow rookie Dustin Pedroia moved down to second… » 10/28/07 12:56am 10/28/07 12:56am