Teenage Mystic Jaden Smith Wore A White Batman Outfit to Kimye Wedding

As details slowly begin to appear from yesterday's Westdashian nuptials, photos from the Kanyim photo booth have been shared on several celebrity Instagram accounts. Jaden Smith, who was in attendance as a prophet to bless the oxygen particles surrounding the couple, wore a white Batman costume. » 5/25/14 2:10pm 5/25/14 2:10pm

Does Jaden Smith, After Earth's Uncompelling Star, Really Want This?

When film critics talk about a star's performance, they usually resort to clichés. The actor always "lights up the screen" or "disappears into a role," and watch out, because "you can't take your eyes off him." The reason why writers (and audiences) recycle those old saws is because they're standard emotional… » 5/31/13 5:35pm 5/31/13 5:35pm