Andrew McCutchen Is An MVP (And The Pirates Are No Longer Jagoffs)

Andrew McCutchen was just named the MVP of the National League. And after two decades as a sad punchline, the Pittsburgh Pirates were a playoff team. The Buccos' immediate future looks promising, in no small part because they made sure to lock McCutchen into a long-term contract just as his star began to burn bright.… »11/14/13 7:01pm11/14/13 7:01pm


Steve From Greenfield Is Loaded And Would Like To Chat About The Steelers' QB Situation

Last night, Chris Mueller (on 93.7 FM from 10 p.m.—2 a.m.) provided a little insight, which you can see above, into what it's like working the telephones for a light night Pittsburgh-area sports radio call-in show. We may try to get the audio, or we may just let this one float around in all of our imaginations. Salute… »12/15/12 12:50pm12/15/12 12:50pm

How Andrew McCutchen Became A Star And Redeemed Two Decades Of Pittsburgh Jagoffery

This is how Andrew McCutchen watched at least one of the MLB playoff games at home on television last fall: He stood up, assumed his batting stance, and timed his swing to the pitches as he saw them on the screen. McCutchen later shared this story with his agent, Steve Hammond, who could only laugh. »7/24/12 1:35pm7/24/12 1:35pm