Dolphins Lineman Richie Incognito Is Big-Time Man-Crushing On Jake Long To Woo Him Back To Miami

Jake Long, the No. 1 overall pick by Miami in 2008, is presently an ex-Dolphin, via free agency. This does not sit well with Richie Incognito, the fellow Dolphins o-lineman (above, right). Long (above, left) may have been banged up with sundry injuries the past couple of years, but if he would come back to the ’Fins,… »3/16/13 6:45pm3/16/13 6:45pm


Your Weekend Of Name Recitation And Breathless Speculation Hath Arrived!

Yes, ESPN's draft coverage is underway, four hours before the Dolphins shock the world by picking Jake Long. Now they're saying Chris Long is going to the Rams. Let's tip all the picks hours in advance. No reason to make it so people actually watch the draft. For those who stick around, choose between your drinking… »4/26/08 12:15pm4/26/08 12:15pm