Flyers-Penguins Is The NHL's Best Rivalry

You could call it hockey for people who don't like hockey, but that's a disservice to those of us who love a good, boring, defensive clinic, and also love Flyers-Penguins barnburners. Last night's edition featured everything you'd want to show a friend who isn't sold about the NHL: end-to-end action, comebacks,… » 2/21/13 8:50am 2/21/13 8:50am

Jakub Voracek Used To Have Cognitive Abilities, Until Niklas Kronwall Exploded Him

Philadelphia's Jakub Voracek skated directly into a Kronwall, which, from the point of view of physics, isn't much different from skating into a brick wall. Voracek was clearly out for a few seconds, going directly into the always-terrifying the fencing response. No penalty was called on the play, and it's unlikely… » 3/07/12 10:15am 3/07/12 10:15am