Jamal Crawford Turns Sure Turnover Into Behind-The-Back Assist

Jamal Crawford had a Jamal Crawford game tonight, dropping 21 of his 23 points in the fourth quarter on steady diet of three-pointers as he led the Clippers from eight points down to a 102-98 win over the Nuggets. But his most amazing play wasn't a basket, but this crazy save and assist to Matt Barnes. » 1/27/15 12:58am 1/27/15 12:58am

The Clippers' Bench Has A New Nickname And It Is So Dumb

It's always fun when a basketball team's bench takes on an identity of its own. Getting to watch a group of guys who are not quite good enough to be starters gel into a cohesive unit of their own adds another layer of excitement to the game, and so it's no surprise people often want to give cool nicknames to such… » 12/10/12 1:50pm 12/10/12 1:50pm

Jamal Crawford Literally Walks Out Of The Gym After Hitting Summer…

We have the Olympics this year, and a CBA, so summer league highlights will not be your only source of basketball highlights through Christmas. Still, we can enjoy this one, in which Jamal Crawford holds the ball for a last-second shot, then calmly leaves the court. (Note: in the Jamal Crawford Summer Pro Am League,… » 6/25/12 3:55pm 6/25/12 3:55pm