This One Time: My Amateur Porn Date With James Deen

I made a porn. Well I shot two scenes but porn by any other name is still somebody fucking on camera. Have I always wanted to film a porn? No. I use porn sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. What I'm saying here is when I can't cum I watch a porn. Most of the time I nerd out by reading some sort of erotic… »11/01/13 2:16pm11/01/13 2:16pm


Lindsay Lohan Is the Only Part of The Canyons That Isn't Horrible

The Canyons opens (and ends, over the closing credits) with photographs of abandoned, dilapidated movie theaters, which would be the world's most obvious metaphor if the film were actually competent enough to be about what it wants to be about. Director Paul Schrader (who should know better) and writer Bret Easton… »8/05/13 11:00am8/05/13 11:00am