James Franklin Claims He Lied About Seeing Vanderbilt Rape Case Video

Penn State football coach James Franklin, who was Vanderbilt's football coach at the time of the alleged rape involving players Brandon Vandenburg, Brandon Banks, JaBorian McKenzie, and Cory Batey, testified through Skype at today's hearing for two of the suspects. The most noteworthy part of his testimony: Franklin… » 10/08/14 2:56pm 10/08/14 2:56pm

Report: James Franklin Contacted Victim In Vanderbilt Rape Case

Former Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin made contact with the victim days after the incident, according to documents filed by attorneys for one of the four former Vanderbilt football players on trial for rape charges. » 4/29/14 11:12pm 4/29/14 11:12pm

Does James Franklin Think His Players Are Really, Really Dumb?

» 8/01/13 10:31pm 8/01/13 10:31pm

Vanderbilt Suspends Football Players Amid Sex Crimes Investigation

Vanderbilt announced the suspension of four players for a violation of team rules, seemingly connected to a sexual assault investigation into an incident that allegedly happened at a Vanderbilt dorm, at 5:30 p.m. Eastern on a Friday. The investigation began on Wednesday. That's SEC speed right there, boy! » 6/28/13 9:20pm 6/28/13 9:20pm

Vanderbilt Football Coach Will Not Hire Assistants Until He's Seen What…

Ah, Vanderbilt. A refined, enlightened place. "The Harvard of the South," it's called. So it's not without reason that its football coach, James Franklin, seems like the Larry Summers of the South: » 5/31/12 1:35pm 5/31/12 1:35pm