James Harrison Has Joined A Dodgeball League [UPDATE]

James Harrison, who had knee surgery last year and two back surgeries the year before, turns 35 in May. The Steelers are in salary-cap hell, and one of the biggest decisions they'll make this offseason is whether to keep the former NFL defensive player of the year around. In the meantime, Harrison has let his Twitter… »2/14/13 6:10pm2/14/13 6:10pm

James Harrison Didn't Sack Michael Vick Because He Was "Worried More About A Fine"

Since the NFL instituted its "more significant discipline" for shots to the head two years ago, James Harrison has been a remorseless re-offender. He's been fined six times under the new protocol, and he's seemingly bitched about it just as often. Hell, even after his destruction of Colt McCoy last December earned… »10/09/12 4:40pm10/09/12 4:40pm

Guy Who Released Bountygate Audio Uncovers New Scandal: James Harrison Loves Justin Bieber, Nickelback

When last we heard from filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, he was unleashing that damaging audio of Gregg Williams instructing Saints players to "kill the fucking head." Pamphilon's latest release to promote his forthcoming documentary is a segment he filmed with Steelers linebacker James Harrison, who granted him access to… »5/25/12 2:30pm5/25/12 2:30pm

A Look Inside NBC's Playbook For The Super Bowl Broadcast

With 18 seconds left in the first half of Super Bowl 43 and the Cardinals on the doorstep, James Harrison picked off Kurt Warner and barreled 100 yards for a touchdown, dancing along the sideline as he went and narrowly breaking the plane of the end zone before Larry Fitzgerald dragged him down. As referee Terry… »2/02/12 11:34am2/02/12 11:34am