Jon Lester Vs. James Shields Is An Argument For The Second Wild Card

There are plenty of reasons to dislike the presence of MLB's second wild card teams, but tonight's matchup is not one of them. That's because we will get to watch two great pitchers—James Shields of the Kansas City Royals and Jon Lester of the Oakland A's—start the precise game that they were acquired to win, a game… »9/30/14 12:34pm9/30/14 12:34pm

Wil Myers And James Shields Are The Wild Card Race's Best Show

It's fitting that Wil Myers and James Shields, the two principals involved in the Royals-Rays preseason trade that launched a thousand articles and blog posts about which team had just committed an unforgivable blunder/stolen a great player, are refusing to give us an easy answer to that debate. With two weeks left in… »9/17/13 4:15pm9/17/13 4:15pm

So Let Me Introduce To You, The One And Only Jimmy Shields ...

There's no way to sugarcoat this so I'm just going to say it: We live in a world where the Rays and the Marlins are both in first place. It's a world where James Shields outpitches Josh Beckett, where Sweet Caroline is played at Tropicana Field, and where Manny Ramirez is stealing bases. Me no like Bizarro World.… »4/28/08 10:40am4/28/08 10:40am