Jamie Moyer Is Becoming Baseball's Very Own Willy Loman

Moyer, if you'll recall, started the season with the Colorado Rockies and was soon designated for assignment after going 2-5. He then signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles. A clause in that contract required the Orioles to either promote Moyer to the big league club or release him after three starts… »6/24/12 2:34pm6/24/12 2:34pm

Jamie Moyer Continues To Break Every Oldest Baseball Player's Record

Record-breaking old man Jamie Moyer, who legend has it is older than dirt, legged out a two-run infield single tonight, becoming the geezeriest ballplayer to ever drive in a run. Pitcher Jack Quinn of the Brooklyn Dodgers was 48 years, 11 months, and six days when he hit a three-run double back in 1932, so at least… »5/16/12 11:50pm5/16/12 11:50pm

Jamie Moyer Has The Oldest Grudges In Major League Baseball, Too

Nobody survives till age 49 in the major leagues without making enemies. Hence Jamie Moyer's dustup with whippersnapper Chipper Jones this weekend. And before that, the middle-aged mushballer talked to Westword for a feature story. In one of the outtakes, he explained that he had come close to signing this year not… »5/08/12 1:20pm5/08/12 1:20pm

Jamie Moyer Will Begin Rehab And Hopes To Pitch In 2012, Despite That Whole Turning 49 Years Old Thing

The Phillies have steamrolled the National League this year, and it seems like they've been doing that a lot lately. But they've done it without their soft-tossing lefty on-field mascot, Jamie Moyer, whose slow, painful, surprising march to 300 wins was undone last year by his ulnar collateral ligament. »8/29/11 4:00pm8/29/11 4:00pm

Jamie Moyer Was Sick Last Night, In A Very Literal Way

Last night's pitching performance by Jamie Moyer is already becoming the stuff that legends are made of. Not only did the 167-year-old baffle the Rays hitters with pinpoint accuracy and a fastball that barely reached 80mph, but according to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal - who would be one sick bastard if he's just making… »10/26/08 6:00pm10/26/08 6:00pm