Jason Bay And The Mets Are, Mercifully, Getting A Divorce

One never likes to cheer a breakup, even if the pair was wrong for each other from the get-go, and even if the pair deeply, habitually wounded one another. A breakup is a failure. It's pathetic. It's time wasted, and we have so little of it on this earth. » 11/07/12 2:45pm 11/07/12 2:45pm

Jason Bay Hit A Grand Slam, So Naturally Twitter Brought Out The Knives

Jason Bay has been having a bit of a rough go of it lately...this season...since he was diagnosed with that reverse-aging disease since joining the Mets. Mets fans can be tough crowd to please, too, so when Jason Bay hit a spirit-lifting grand slam during today's game to put the Mets up five on the Marlins, you know… » 9/02/12 2:30pm 9/02/12 2:30pm

Jason Bay Is Bad At Defense And Also At Not Hurting Himself

Jason Bay has never been known for his glove (or hasn't he?), and in recent years he hasn't been known for his bat. So maybe that's why he gave 110 percent last night in trying to track down a fly ball off the bat of Gregor Blanco. A valiant effort, and a ton of glove on the ball, but all Bay has to show for his… » 4/24/12 1:45pm 4/24/12 1:45pm

The Curious Case Of Jason Bay's Defense

Boston chose not to re-sign Jason Bay, in part, based on his below average defensive metrics. Well, the problem with UZR is that no one really knows how to calculate it; in the latest version, Bay's an above average outfielder. » 4/27/10 11:55am 4/27/10 11:55am

Mets Win Jason Bay Sweepstakes, Capping Glorious 2009

Mike Francesa broke the news (really?) that Jason Bay is going to the Mets, pending his turn-and-cough with the doctors. Yay, for legit sports news! (Also, the Giants, worried about appearing too youthful, signed 34-year-old Mark DeRosa.) [DailyNews/AP] » 12/29/09 6:00pm 12/29/09 6:00pm

Ichiro Creeps Out Newest Tickle Buddy

Ichiro was stereotyped as a meticulous robot, but would a cyborg tell Jason Bay, in Japanese, that he was going to "mess with your house"? Bay's response: "I didn't know what to say. It was weird." Safe word! [WEEI] » 7/16/09 12:45pm 7/16/09 12:45pm

Manny To Dodgers, Bay To Red Sox, Little People To Pirates ... Mass…

Only trade deadline day can make the Intertubes blow up at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon. Well, unless Heath Ledger dies. Anyway, Jon Heyman's got it: Manny Ramirez has been traded to the Dodgers. His manager is Joe Torre. Muse on that. » 7/31/08 4:55pm 7/31/08 4:55pm

(FOURTH UPDATE: ESPN, chastened (ha!), has taken down the claim that they…