Jason Campbell Played For Three Teams Yesterday

Reader Jay sent in this headshot goof by Express, a D.C. newspaper. Yesterday, Jason Campbell ran for 78 yards and a touchdown for the Redskins. He also caught nine passes for 178 yards and a touchdown for the Bengals. What a dual threat! The Bears—who actually have Campbell—did not play him at all yesterday. » 9/24/12 1:20pm 9/24/12 1:20pm

Chris Cooley and the Redskins' Fantasy Football Draft

There's an exception for fantasy football posts when actual NFL players are involved, right? Crickets. Anyway, Fred Smoot steals the draft show. But is that really any surprise? Also of note, Colt Brennan going with LenDale White in what appears to be the first round of the draft. Decision making remains Colt's… » 9/04/08 4:45pm 9/04/08 4:45pm