Did Sam Hinkie Just Trade Away The Next Jason Kidd? 

» 2/19/15 9:27pm 2/19/15 9:27pm

Watch Jason Kidd Play Mind Games With Joe Johnson

This is a cool moment from last night's triple-OT thriller between the Bucks and Nets. Just before the last possession of the second overtime, cameras caught Bucks (and former Nets) head coach Jason Kidd going at the Nets' huddle with some well-timed chirping. » 11/20/14 3:27pm 11/20/14 3:27pm

Hoop Dreams, Rap Nightmares: Revisiting B-Ball's Best Kept Secret

There's no semblance of a barrier between professional athletes and rappers today, but that wasn't the case in 1994. Long before Ron Artest put out his own mixtape or Damian Lillard dominated #FourBarFridays, the NBA's biggest stars were only just beginning to tiptoe into the studio, with oft-disastrous but… » 11/14/14 10:01am 11/14/14 10:01am

The Time MJ Reffed A 3-On-3 Game Between NBA Stars And Sumo Wrestlers

Here's some fascinating video out of 1996 Japan. While on a promotional tour for Nike, Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd and Michael Finley took on three sumo wrestlers in a game refereed by Michael Jordan. » 8/06/14 3:43pm 8/06/14 3:43pm

Jason Kidd Has Been Traded To The Bucks

Well, that escalated quickly. Over the weekend, reports about Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd's unhappiness with his employers began to surface, along with talk that the first-year head coach was looking to escape to Milwaukee. Now it's being reported that Kidd has gotten his wish. » 6/30/14 11:26am 6/30/14 11:26am

Jason Kidd And Lawrence Frank Were Doomed From The Start

David Aldridge reveals new details on the breakdown between Nets coach Jason Kidd and highly paid assistant Lawrence Frank, and there are two immediate conclusions to be drawn: This unequal partnership was always destined for spectacular failure, and Kidd brought it on himself. » 12/10/13 11:18am 12/10/13 11:18am

Nets Give Lawrence Frank Four Years Of Detention

Jason Kidd and the Nets have "reassigned" head assistant Lawrence Frank, and following the change, Frank will no longer be on the bench during games or at practice. If that sounds like being fired, it is, except for the part where Frank owes Kidd a book report every day. » 12/04/13 9:35am 12/04/13 9:35am

Did Mark Cuban Out Del Harris As The Inventor Of The Spilled-Soda Move?

On Wednesday night, Jason Kidd bought himself an extra timeout against the Lakers when he told Tyshawn Taylor to bump into him, spilling his drink. The Nets were losing 96-94 at that point and had no timeouts. The clean-up, before Jodie Meeks's second foul shot, gave the Nets some extra time to draw up a final play… » 11/30/13 12:20pm 11/30/13 12:20pm

Jason Kidd Fined For Best Coaching He's Done All Season

The NBA will fine Nets head coach Jason Kidd $50,000 for his staged soda spill to earn an extra timeout, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Come on. It's clever gamesmanship! » 11/28/13 7:15pm 11/28/13 7:15pm

Jason Kidd Earned The Nets An Extra Time Out By Dropping His Soda

Down late at home to the Lakers and out of time outs, Nets coach Jason Kidd improvised a trick straight out of Upright Citizens Brigade and managed to "spill" his soda on the court, leading to a delay that let him write up a possible game-saving play. » 11/27/13 11:11pm 11/27/13 11:11pm

Reports: Jay Z Selling Nets Shares To Jason Kidd

Forced to give up his lifelong dream of franchise ownership for his new lifelong dream of being an agent, Jay Z has been looking to unload his stake in the Nets for a few months now. It seems it'll stay in the family: the Post reports that at least some of Jay Z's share will be purchased by new Nets coach Jason Kidd. » 9/04/13 9:46am 9/04/13 9:46am

Jason Kidd Will Use The Matrix And/Or Elysium As Motivation

At a screening of Matt Damon's new sci-fi flick Elysium, Nets head coach Jason Kidd told The Source that he loves The Matrix and thinks he can use it (or Elysium) as a motivational tool. The Jason Kidd coaching experiment is gonna be great, you guys. » 8/01/13 11:40pm 8/01/13 11:40pm

Jason Kidd Pleads Guilty To 2012 DWI

Just a few days after signing with the Knicks, Jason Kidd veered his Escalade off a Hamptons road, smashing directly into a telephone pole. He had had "a couple of drinks," he told a judge, "three or four." Now, exactly one year and one day later, Kidd is receiving his punishment. » 7/16/13 2:32pm 7/16/13 2:32pm

Jason Kidd Hired As The Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

Jason Kidd has just been selected to take over as the next Brooklyn Nets head coach. According to Yahoo! Sports, he'll have a three-year, guaranteed deal with a fourth-year team option. Kidd, 40, announced his retirement shortly after the New York Knicks were eliminated in this year's playoffs. Today, after a… » 6/12/13 9:17pm 6/12/13 9:17pm

The Last Sports Stars of Video Games' Cartridge Era [Corrected]

Monday, Jason Kidd gave the NBA his retirement notice. He and Grant Hill were the only active players this year that appeared in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition from 1994. Like veterans of a long-ago war, day by day we are losing the athletes of video gaming's cartridge era. These are the last of them. » 6/05/13 6:06pm 6/05/13 6:06pm