Jason Pierre-Paul Will Play Tomorrow For The First Time Since Blowing Up His Hand

Four months ago, on July 4, Jason Pierre-Paul accidentally lost the index finger and parts of two others on his right hand in a fireworks accident. Thus began a saga that involved Adam Schefter releasing JPP’s medical records, the Giants trying to slap the franchise tag on JPP, and finally, a new contract and hi-def … »11/07/15 5:25pm11/07/15 5:25pm


Take Your First Good Look At Jason Pierre-Paul's Mangled Hand

Jason Pierre-Paul has finally returned to the New York Giants, a few months after blowing apart his right hand in a fireworks mishap. Now that he’s under contract, JPP doesn’t have to be shy about his injury, so he let an AP photographer snap some photos when he met with the media today. The guy’s hand is pretty… »10/30/15 3:43pm10/30/15 3:43pm

Jason Pierre-Paul's Teammates All Want To See His "Club"

Jason Pierre-Paul is back at Giants practice after signing a contract yesterday, and hopes to play at least half a season after losing parts of two fingers on his right hand in a fireworks accident on July 4. The deal he agreed to seems like a fair one, given the questions over his health and his ability: he’ll get… »10/29/15 1:30pm10/29/15 1:30pm

OK, Just How Many Damn Fingers Does JPP Have Left?

We knew, from curiously leaked hospital records, that Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul lost his right index finger after a July 4 fireworks accident. Pierre-Paul maintained that, other than the whole missing finger, he was fine; the Giants disagreed once they finally got to see it. Now comes a report that JPP’s hand is… »9/15/15 4:30pm9/15/15 4:30pm

Report: Jason Pierre-Paul Is Missing More Fingers, Could Miss Season

According to a report from ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the New York Giants got a chance to examine Jason Pierre-Paul’s fireworks-torn hand for themselves and are internally worried that the injury is worse than initially thought and could keep him out for the season. This is because, uh, well, the team didn’t know how many… »9/13/15 11:45am9/13/15 11:45am

Why Jason Pierre-Paul Avoided The Giants All Summer

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul met with the Giants on Monday for the first time all year, and let team doctors examine his injured hand for the first time since losing his index finger in a fireworks accident. But the timing of his return, so close to the start of the season, was no accident: Pierre-Paul was just… »9/09/15 8:50am9/09/15 8:50am

The First Photos Of Jason Pierre-Paul's Bandaged, Blown-Up Hand 

The Giants have no idea how many fingers Jason Pierre-Paul has left, and JPP hasn’t called to tell them. Reports earlier this month were that he’d lost his index finger, but that’s still unconfirmed. New photos from the NY Daily News don’t have hard evidence one way or another, but they make his hand look sort of, uh,… »7/31/15 4:00pm7/31/15 4:00pm

Adam Schefter Explains Why He Posted Jason Pierre-Paul's Medical Records

In Richard Deitsch’s weekly media column at SI.com, ESPN’s Adam Schefter fields questions about why he decided to publish photos Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical charts, rather than simply report that the Giants DE had his right index finger amputated after a fireworks accident. His answer, roughly: if you can prove a… »7/13/15 10:30am7/13/15 10:30am

Report: Jason Pierre-Paul Had His Right Index Finger Amputated 

Schrödinger’s firework-mangled defensive lineman has come to an apparent resolution, at least as far as the immediate severity of the injuries. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has tweeted out what he says is a medical chart showing that Jason Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated today, after suffering a… »7/08/15 7:54pm7/08/15 7:54pm