Soccer Player Who "Went For A Shit" Pretends To Wipe His Ass In Goal Celebration

Back on January 21 against Everton, Southampton midfielder Jason Puncheon left the pitch for a brief moment and returned to a chorus of "He went for a shit" chants. Everyone laughed and had a good time at his expense. Yesterday, Puncheon scored against Man City in the seventh minute and returned the favor.… »2/10/13 1:15pm2/10/13 1:15pm

Soccer Fans' Chant At Player Who Temporarily Left Match During Play: "He Went For A Shit"

During Monday night's 0-0 English Premier League draw between Everton and Southampton, Southampton midfielder Jason Puncheon briefly left the pitch during the action and vanished into the tunnel, only to return a short time later. Upon his return, the hometown fans eloquently serenaded Puncheon with their best guess… »1/22/13 11:25am1/22/13 11:25am