The Time JaVale McGee Had The Perfect Comeback For A Hater

I'll be honest, the NBA season kind of snuck up on me this year—I mean, would it be so wrong for basketball to just chill for a minute until the World Series is over?—but I officially got excited for the season while reading Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson's AMA on Reddit yesterday, because he reminded me that JaVale… »10/28/14 11:16am10/28/14 11:16am


JaVale McGee Just Created Two Of The Best NBA Highlights Of The Season

Our old buddy Pierre just posted both of the clips below to his Instagram account, and I cannot stop laughing at them for reasons I can't completely explain. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the slo-mo, or maybe it's just because I'm desperate for things to laugh at now that I've been robbed of JaVale's on-court… »1/07/14 6:05pm1/07/14 6:05pm

JaVale McGee Spikes A Shot Into The Crowd, Preens, Throws Down Alley-Oop

Some advice for Anthony Tolliver: Next time, just forgo the pump fake and shoot the ball over Wilson Chandler. Chandler may have gotten a hand in your face and disrupted your shot, but he probably wouldn't have infantilized you with a vicious volleyball-spike, mean mugged at the crowd until he got the ball back, and… »3/05/13 10:25am3/05/13 10:25am

Andre Iguodala Doesn't Like Clubs Because They Are Too Damn Loud

GQ just posted an interview with Nuggets guard Andre Iguodala that includes a few entertaining insights. Iguodala talks about the "chill" spot he retreats to for hours at a time where he can "watch SportsCenter and text people and just relax," and he also tells us that Deadspin favorite JaVale McGee is a nerd who… »3/01/13 5:10pm3/01/13 5:10pm

Dwight Howard's Shortcomings Were On Full Display Last Night

Dwight Howard finished last night's Lakers-Nuggets game with 15 points, 14 rebounds, and four blocked shots. That is a perfectly acceptable stat line, and it's the kind of line that Howard has been putting up all year. But last night's game also featured a collection of moments that served as reminders that despite… »2/26/13 10:25am2/26/13 10:25am

When JaVale McGee Was 18, He Wore A Grill Made Of Aluminum Foil

First off, JaVale looks about 13 here. But he was 18, according to J-Mac himself when he posted the photo to his Instagram yesterday (throwback Thursday!). He was either about to start college, or was already Nevada's starting center. A little too old (and recent—just seven years ago) to be living the thug life by… »2/22/13 1:45pm2/22/13 1:45pm

JaVale McGee Throws Himself An Alley-Oop, Dons A Celebratory Fingerstache

JaVale McGee continues to be a delight. A normal basketball player, after fooling Omer Asik with a savvy pump fake, would have finished this play with a simple step-through move and a gentle layup. But JaVale McGee is not a normal basketball player, and so the fact that he decided to throw himself an alley-oop off… »1/24/13 10:05am1/24/13 10:05am

JaVale McGee Goes Up And Over Two Of His Own Teammates For A Putback Dunk

See, this is why we love JaVale McGee: he'll forego the smart play for the spectacular play. Late in the first half of yesterday's win over the Lakers, a missed Kosta Koufos layup bounced right in the middle of three Nuggets. Rather than yell "same team" or beg off to avoid deflecting the ball, McGee just went right… »1/07/13 9:40am1/07/13 9:40am

JaVale McGee Hits Buzzer-Beating Three, Unveils Wonderful Celebration

In recent years, the NBA has showcased a variety of creative three-point celebrations. We've seen the championship belt, the three goggles, and the three-to-the-head, among others. But none of those moves are quite like what JaVale McGee dropped on us last night after hitting a buzzer-beating three (his first of the… »1/02/13 9:40am1/02/13 9:40am

The Year In JaVale McGee, Our Favorite Basketball Player

No NBA player is closer to Deadspin's heart than JaVale McGee. That's because JaVale McGee only makes spectacular plays—the plays that no one else in the NBA could or would make, because they're cowards. To commemorate the man with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, here's the best of McGee from 2012. »12/14/12 1:00pm12/14/12 1:00pm

JaVale McGee Had A Bad Minute During Last Night's Nuggets-Knicks Game [UPDATE: Now With George Karl Reaction GIF]

On Friday JaVale McGee performed a terrible, wonderful, perfectly awful feat and helped lead the Nuggets to a big win. He was less effective last night against the Knicks, picking up as many fouls as he had rebounds and only scoring four points. That's not to say our love for McGee is tempered; on the contrary, as… »12/10/12 11:00am12/10/12 11:00am

JaVale McGee Performs Perfectly Terrible, Ridiculous, Awful Play

JaVale McGee helped lead the Nuggets to a 92-89 win over the Pacers in Indianapolis tonight thanks to 20 points on 9-9 shooting. That perfect shooting percentage only held up because the official scorer decided not to classify whatever happens at the end of this play as a shot. Sure, it's probably a pass, but it… »12/07/12 10:30pm12/07/12 10:30pm