Former NBA Player Javaris Crittenton Indicted On Murder Charges

You've probably forgotten about Javaris Crittenton by now. He's the guy who threatened to shoot Gilbert Arenas in the knee over an unpaid boo-ray debt in January of 2010, and was then accused of murdering a 22-year-old mother of four in August of 2011. Crittenton has been out on bond since being charged with the… » 4/02/13 6:49pm 4/02/13 6:49pm

Remember When Gilbert Arenas And Javaris Crittenton Threatened To Shoot…

Was it really more than two years ago that the Wizards locker room melted down in an orgy of simulated gunplay over a boo-ray debt? It was, and one of the principals—Gilbert Arenas, who allegedly brought four guns to the locker room and laid them out for Javaris Crittenton to choose—is finally shedding some light on… » 4/12/12 5:00pm 4/12/12 5:00pm

Javaris Crittenton Allegedly Killed That Lady Because Someone Stole…

From the AP: "[Crittenton] appeared to be retaliating for being robbed of $55,000 worth of jewelry, police said.
Crittenton told police he and a friend were leaving a barbershop around 10:50 p.m. April 21 when two teenagers surprised them as they returned to their car, according to a police report released to… » 8/30/11 8:05pm 8/30/11 8:05pm

Javaris Crittenton Will Turn Himself In Tonight

Put down your pitchforks, Atlantans. Javaris Crittenton, the former Georgia Tech/Lakers/Grizzlies/Wizards guard, will surrender to Atlanta police, after a brief disappearance and manhunt that landed him federal charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. He's wanted in connection with an August 19 drive-by… » 8/29/11 6:15pm 8/29/11 6:15pm

Be On The Lookout For Javaris Crittenton, Because The FBI Is

Javaris Crittenton has been something of a person of interest 'round these parts, what with his hilarious inside-joke gun standoffs with Gilbert Arenas and whatnot. Most recently, he made his way to yesterday's Wake Up Deadspin post. Specifically, the "Former NBA player charged with killing mother of four in… » 8/28/11 3:30pm 8/28/11 3:30pm