Great Moments In NBC Programming Synthesis, Starring The Capitals' Jay Beagle

While we were deprived any beagles in last week's Puppy Bowl, NBC viewers were treated to two of them this afternoon. Returning from break late in Washington's game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, NBC dropped this quick promo for the Westminster Dog Show which gets underway tomorrow at MSG—a rare and… »2/12/12 2:58pm2/12/12 2:58pm


The Caps And Pens Were Acting So Maturely For A While There

Alex Ovechkin—who once did this—called out Arron Asham for his post-fight gestures, so Asham fired back by calling Ovie a "hypocrite." Meanwhile, Brooks Laich wishes brain-addled players like Jay Beagle weren't coddled so much by the NHL's concussion guidelines. The teams don't meet again until December, so hopefully… »10/14/11 7:10pm10/14/11 7:10pm

Arron Asham And Jay Beagle Give Hockey A Fight To Fight About

All right everyone, we're about to discuss a hockey fight, so I need you to put on your level heads. There's going to be talk of league office discipline, and a bit about the culture of enforcers, and maybe even a mention of concussions. These are topics that cause otherwise normal individuals to lose their minds,… »10/14/11 11:25am10/14/11 11:25am