Still Filling Out Your NCAA Tournament Bracket? Consult Our Handy…

Presenting your 2013 NCAA Tournament Metabracket. Click the annotations to see which teams Nate Silver, Joe Lunardi, Seth Davis, Barack Obama, Matt Norlander, Jay Bilas, and Luke Winn picked to advance through each round. (Click the "Next" button in the lower right corner to see the Sweet 16 and onward.) » 3/20/13 7:53pm 3/20/13 7:53pm

Does Jay Bilas Hate Special Needs Kids?

Lazy journalist Jay Bilas probably doesn't know anyone who has a special needs child, and I'm guessing all the people who RTed him with a LOL or LMAO or MUST BE BIG 10 COUNTRY! or any other number of intelligent add-ons don't know anyone with a special needs child as well. If they did, they'd understand that shitty,… » 9/06/12 10:20pm 9/06/12 10:20pm

Jay Bilas Still Wants To Talk About Men's Bodies

When Jay Bilas wasn't busy talking about "rims" he was busy talking about bodies. Last year it was all about hands, but this year the name of the game was "wingspan," "wingspan," and also "wingspan." Understandably the guy has to find something to talk about in the time that it takes David Stern to walk back and… » 6/29/12 7:15pm 6/29/12 7:15pm

Grading The Pundits' Brackets: Jay Bilas And Barack Obama Will Make You…

With the first two rounds of March Madness complete, let's see how the pundits fared with their brackets. We scored pundits from ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, and CBS Sports, throwing in President Obama, LeBron James, and Nick Lachey for good fun (all three made their brackets available on ESPN). » 3/19/12 1:25pm 3/19/12 1:25pm

Jay Bilas Can't Stop Talking About Young Men's Body Parts

Last night, Jay Bilas had to talk for about NBA draftees for about five hours. Even for a person like Jay Bilas, who has probably known five hours of utter silence in all of his 48 years on this earth, five hours is just too much analysis. Faced with this challenge, our brave esquire-commentator had to talk about… » 6/24/11 7:10pm 6/24/11 7:10pm

Sports Network Snubbed By NCAA Tournament Especially Vocal About Teams…

Just over a year ago, ESPN lost out on the rights to broadcast the NCAA college basketball tournament after CBS and Turner Sports teamed up with $10.8 billion to secure the big dance for the next 14 years. It was a bit of a snub to the Worldwide Leader, which ultimately couldn't match the bill. A snub like the… » 3/14/11 3:10pm 3/14/11 3:10pm