ESPN Suddenly Remembers That Jay Glazer's Name Is Not "Sources"

Well, look what we have here. That's Fox Sports' Jay Glazer getting credited—with his actual name this time—on SportsCenter for first reporting that the Browns had fired head coach Pat Shurmur. This is somewhat of a big deal, as it comes on the heels of yesterday's Twitter kerfuffle between Glazer and ESPN news… »12/31/12 11:04am12/31/12 11:04am

If There Is Anything Subtle About ESPN It's The Deception

On Friday evening, a serious dustup developed regarding the sourcing of news and ESPN's crediting practices. Jay Glazer reported that Sean Payton would be signing an extension with the New Orleans Saints. Hot on his heels were Adam Schefter and Jason La Canfora. Awful Announcing has a good breakdown of what happened,… »12/30/12 4:00pm12/30/12 4:00pm

Chuck Liddell And Jay Glazer Threaten Bryant Gumbel In Cutesy Photo

Jay Glazer just Tweeted this photo of him and training partner Chuck Liddell menacing Bryant Gumbel, who's in Los Angeles to film a segment for Real Sports. (Are they profiling Liddell, still the face of UFC and its best chance for a crossover star? Nah, they're profiling Glazer.) We're more taken with Gumbel's… »8/31/11 2:00pm8/31/11 2:00pm

Jay Glazer Finally Breaks Some Brett Favre-Related News

Noticeably absent during the whole Brett Favre telenovela has been Fox Sports' NFL dirt dog, Jay Glazer. The reporter and MMA tough guy broke so many stories last year (including Favre's retirement announcement) that it seemed odd he wasn't pumping out new Favre revelations, even as Chris Mortensen, Peter King, and… »7/17/08 9:45am7/17/08 9:45am