ESPN Halftime Show Issues Lead To Angry Rece Davis: "That's Not Acceptable!"

ESPN’s halftime show during today’s North Carolina-Virginia game didn’t go off very smoothly, as revealed by off-air footage we’ve acquired. An issue with highlight footage led to host Rece Davis angrily stating to the production team “Hey guys? That’s not acceptable! It’s not acceptable, OK!?”

Jay Williams Misremembers Playing Duke-UNC Game Against Vince Carter

Jay Williams attempted to explain the experience of playing in a Duke-UNC rivalry game to ESPN's audience tonight, though in his attempt to name-drop some of the Tar Heels players he faced as a member of the Blue Devils, he mentioned Vince Carter—a player who was already in the NBA by the time Williams enrolled at…

2002-03 Chicago Bulls, Ranked According To Likelihood The Player Was Getting Baked Before Games

"There were guys smoking weed before games," Jay Williams recalled of his rookie year with the Bulls, his only season in the league. "Guys asking in the middle of the game, 'Do you smell popcorn?'" Which guys, exactly, Williams does not specify. So here's a list of the 2002-03 Bulls, ranked from least likely to smoke…