Funkmaster Flex Ethers Jay Z In Epic, Endless, Bomb-Laden Rant

DJ Funkmaster Flex—one of NYC's premier hip-hop DJs, putting in work at radio-station oracle HOT 97 for more than 20 years now—was in inspired, incessantly bomb-dropping form last night, unloading a rambling, 10-minutes-plus diatribe against everyone and everything surrounding Jay Z. » 1/16/15 6:12pm 1/16/15 6:12pm

We Improved A Billy Joel Song By Replacing Him With Jay-Z

We all know that Billy Joel sucks (especially lately), but as SB Nation's Spencer Hall recently noted, there's a portion of nearly every one of his songs that's really great. (You can usually blame Joel's rock-solid rhythm section of Liberty DeVitto and Doug Stegmeyer for that.) » 11/13/14 1:30pm 11/13/14 1:30pm

Everyone Is Making The Exact Same Joke About Jay Z And Solange

Did you hear about Beyoncé's sister, Solange, trying to fight Jay Z in an elevator? If not, go check it out. It's pretty funny. Now that you are aware of the fact that Solange tried to fight Jay Z in an elevator, you may be feeling a temptation to open up Twitter and make a joke about the incident. I know the joke you… » 5/12/14 2:12pm 5/12/14 2:12pm

You Fucked Up Now, Jay Z, The Lax Bros Are Coming For You

Jay Z has a verse on the latest DJ Khaled track, which may or may not include a diss aimed at Drake (in response to that whole fondue plate thing): "Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my drawstring / Wrong sport, boy, you know you soft as a lacrosse team." But instead of drawing Drake's ire, Jay's line has gotten… » 4/29/14 5:47pm 4/29/14 5:47pm

The End Of Rap Beef: "Jay-Z Is Somewhere Eating A Fondue Plate"

Omnipresent Sports Fan Drake was on the TSN broadcast of this afternoon's Nets-Raptors games, which the Nets won 94-87. Since Brooklyn was in the house, Drake decided to take a few shots at the former owner of a tiny piece of the Nets and accused him of eating fondue. The era of the rap diss track is officially over. » 4/19/14 3:48pm 4/19/14 3:48pm

Reports: Mariners Break Off Talks With Robinson Cano

For all the talk about Jay Z's foray into the sports agent world, he hasn't been much more than a figurehead. But yesterday, for the first time I can remember, he actually took part in a negotiating session, a meeting with the Mariners on behalf of Robinson Cano. It seems to have gone poorly. » 12/06/13 9:17am 12/06/13 9:17am

Thunder Fan Hits $20,000 Half-Court Shot, Gets Respect From Jay Z

For the second straight home game, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan has made the half-court shot and won $20,000. But this dude also received congratulations from Jay Z, which are priceless. » 11/21/13 9:15pm 11/21/13 9:15pm

Jay Z Explains Why He'll Be A Good Sports Agent: "I Was A Drug Dealer"

The November issue of Vanity Fair features a big story on Jay Z—Get ready to find out how he wooed Beyoncé!—and the mag released an interview from the story today, a portion of which deals with Jay's recent venture into the world of sports agency: » 10/01/13 12:47pm 10/01/13 12:47pm

Reports: Jay Z Selling Nets Shares To Jason Kidd

Forced to give up his lifelong dream of franchise ownership for his new lifelong dream of being an agent, Jay Z has been looking to unload his stake in the Nets for a few months now. It seems it'll stay in the family: the Post reports that at least some of Jay Z's share will be purchased by new Nets coach Jason Kidd. » 9/04/13 9:46am 9/04/13 9:46am

Kevin Durant left his agent at Landmark Sports to join Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports, says SportsBusiness Journal. "He had a chance to be with his idol," a league source told Yahoo! Sports, "and couldn't say no." » 6/08/13 10:19am 6/08/13 10:19am

Skylar Diggins Got A Mercedes From Jay-Z's Sports Agency

Last month, former Notre Dame and soon-to-be WNBA superstar Skylar Diggins became the third athlete to sign with Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z's latest vanity project/sports agency. Yesterday, the people at Roc Nation celebrated Diggins's graduation from Notre Dame by doing exactly what you'd expect an agency that boasts… » 5/20/13 12:40pm 5/20/13 12:40pm

Skylar Diggins Signs With Jay-Z's Sports Agency

Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z's because-why-not sports agency, announced today that it has signed its third client: Skylar Diggins, the former Notre Dame guard and third-overall WNBA draft pick (she'll play for the Tulsa Shock). Now Diggins and Kobe just have to figure out that Nike contract. » 4/25/13 2:10pm 4/25/13 2:10pm

Jay-Z Will Sell His Nets Stake To Become An NBA Agent

Jay-Z's expansion into the sports agency biz—announced with the signing of Robinson Cano last week—isn't going to stop at baseball. The whole point of putting Jay-Z's name on the enterprise is to use him as a lure for starstruck players, and nowhere is his brand stronger than in basketball. But if he's going to… » 4/10/13 9:14am 4/10/13 9:14am

Has Jay-Z Ever Cheated On Beyonce?

Time for your weekly LIVE edition of the Deadspin Funbag. To submit a question to the live Funbag, you gotta post down in the bowels of the discussion section below. As always, we begin with our question of the week. » 4/04/13 1:00pm 4/04/13 1:00pm

The Plot Thickens: Whoever Owns Has Found A New Way To Mess…

Someone out there—a company named Cyber Mesa, we think—is under the impression that touting Jay-Z will get on Mikhail Prokhorov's nerves enough to make him a buy a (presumably very expensive) domain name. » 12/02/12 3:50pm 12/02/12 3:50pm

Jay-Z Didn't Want People Knowing Just How Little Of The Nets He…

The Times had a fascinating little story a couple of weeks ago, about Jay-Z's outsized involvement with the Nets, considering his scant ownership stake. » 8/28/12 2:05pm 8/28/12 2:05pm

Jay-Z Only Owns .067 Percent Of The Nets, But He's Basically…

The Brooklyn Nets have two owners in the limelight. There's Mikhail Prokhorov, the whimsical Russian strongman, and then there's Jay-Z, the tenured Brooklyn rapper. Prokhorov has all the big nickel-mining money, so he owns 80 percent of the team. And Hova? He owns one-fifteenth of a percent of the thing. [Corrected to… » 8/16/12 11:45am 8/16/12 11:45am