Hunter Pence Slams Into Fence To Rob Jayson Werth Of A Hit

It's not easy playing right field at AT&T Park. The wall is 24 feet high (in honor of Willie Mays), and it is made up of three different surfaces: brick, fence, and padding. A right fielder trying to play the wall has to figure out which surface the ball is likely to hit, and how hard (and where) it will bounce. The… »10/07/14 11:16pm10/07/14 11:16pm

Man Catches Home Run In His Left Hand While Holding Baby With His Right

Our resident videographer is off today, so we'll have to make do with this until more replays pop up, ideally in slow motion and looped for all eternity: Nats. Reds. Bases empty, Werth at bat. Sam LeCure on the mound. Werth swings at the first pitch he sees. Deep right-center. Man. Baby. Ball. No glove, no hesitation. »4/06/13 5:15pm4/06/13 5:15pm

Adam LaRoche Hit A Ball About As Far As Possible Without Hitting A Home Run

Bad break for the Nationals on this one. Adam LaRoche took Cliff Lee deep over the wall at Citizens Bank Park. Unfortunately, it hit flush with a small fence on top of the wall, bounced straight up and back onto the field. Jayson Werth thought it was a home run. Adam LaRoche thought it was a home run. The MASN booth… »8/26/12 4:31pm8/26/12 4:31pm

Jayson Werth Can't Even Help His Favorite "Racing President" Nationals Mascot Win

"Give Werth credit: he tried to force the issue Friday night, hanging around on the warning track between innings and attempting to block George, Tom, and Abe on the track in right field (with a little help from members of the Nats bullpen). Alas, Teddy still did not win." [Nationals Enquirer] »9/24/11 1:00pm9/24/11 1:00pm

Philly Gave Jayson Werth A Conflicted Standing Ovation Last Night

Jayson Werth, D.C.-area multi-millionaire, had his first at-bat at Citizens Park since the December 2010 deal last night. He was treated to a standing ovation of sorts, one that was one-part mostly-genuine strained clapping and one-part all-out disgusted booing (which quieted, slightly, when he tipped his cap), but… »5/04/11 2:15pm5/04/11 2:15pm