Jayson Williams Is Sober, Gunless, Brutally Honest, And Determined Not …

When last we saw former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams, he was pleading guilty to aggravated assault in the 2002 accidental shooting death of his chauffeur. That was more than two years ago. Including a separate guilty plea for drunken driving, Williams spent 26 months in jail before being released in April. Across the… » 6/20/12 6:35pm 6/20/12 6:35pm

Jayson Williams Pleads Guilty To Shooting

Jayson Williams, Troubled Former Athlete, showed up in court today to plead guilty—for real this time—to aggravated assault for accidentally shooting his chauffeur. That, plus about 18 months in prison, will end his legal ordeal. » 1/11/10 12:10pm 1/11/10 12:10pm