It's Time for Sunday Night Football in U.S. America (This Time on…

After getting through Thursday night's season kick-off with John Madden only drawing one penis on the screen, Eli Manning is hoping he'll pick up the slack for this evening's tilt, as Manning's Giants travel to Texas Stadium to wage battle in a manner most NFC East with the Cowboys. » 9/09/07 7:50pm 9/09/07 7:50pm

With Your Boys, Talkin' S***. But You're Going Home Alone, Aren't'cha?

If there's a theme to Saturday nights, it's saying and doing things you regret on Sunday. Therefore, here follows a round-up of the various mealy-mouthed guarantees and guarded boasting that amounts to this week's "bulletin board material." You said you're confident in your team's chances of victory if you execute… » 9/08/07 5:22pm 9/08/07 5:22pm