These Guys Sucked In The Playoffs. Should That Matter To HOF Voters?

Having acquired a Hall of Fame ballot, which we'll be filling out in accordance with the wishes of our readers, we're examining the merits—and relative lack of merits—of all 36 players on this year's ballot for the purposes of better informing the electorate, i.e., you. All entries in the series can be found here. » 12/23/13 3:20pm 12/23/13 3:20pm

Barry Larkin Will Make The Hall Of Fame, According To "Exit Poll"

The 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at 3 p.m. Eastern. But there's no need to wait for the official numbers to be announced, as more than a hundred BBWAA voters have already published and defended their ballots. This indispensable spreadsheet collecting all the ballots made public gives us an… » 1/09/12 2:25pm 1/09/12 2:25pm

Just Vote For Jeff Bagwell, You Hypocrites

Jerod Morris idly wondered if Raul Ibanez might've had a little pharmaceutical help, and everyone went nutso. Damien Cox suggested Jose Bautista's numbers were surprising, and he caught shit. So why is it OK to not vote for Bagwell because of "suspicions?" » 1/04/11 1:25pm 1/04/11 1:25pm