Jeff Burton, Brought To You By The Color Orange

In a world where race cars are stamped with as many corporate sponsors that will fit on the sheet metal, it's really weird to see a car with no logo on the hood or sides. Seriously, it looks like Jeff Burton (#31) is driving an oversized Hot Wheels car in this Getty photo. There's a (logical?) reason for this.… » 8/26/07 12:50pm 8/26/07 12:50pm

Days Of Blunder

Sounds perfectly logical to us: You're in a NASCAR race, you're not doing so hot, so you break off a piece of your car and throw it on the track so they'll put out the caution flag. Yet, Robbie Gordon could be in trouble for doing this — we just don't understand racing — at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday. » 10/31/06 10:15am 10/31/06 10:15am