Pete Prisco Very Adamantly Does Not Understand Probabilities  

The most impactful decision in tonight's heinously boring Thursday Night Football contest between St. Louis and Arizona came with 6:10 left in the game. St. Louis, down 12-3, had 4th and goal on Arizona's 1-yard-line. In a situation where the Rams needed both a touchdown and a field goal to win, Jeff Fisher opted to… » 12/12/14 1:02am 12/12/14 1:02am

Jeff Fisher Taunts 'Skins With RG3 Trade Haul Before Game

The Rams shut out the 'Skins 24-0 today, but St. Louis head coach Jeff Fisher punked Washington before the game even started. » 12/07/14 5:15pm 12/07/14 5:15pm

The Rams' Balls-Out Special-Teams Play Was Brilliant Fun

Let's take the time to praise the enormous stones on the Rams' coaching staff for calling two of the most exciting and least anticipated trick plays of the season: a fake punt and, before that, a fake punt return. Each played a huge part in St. Louis's upset win over Seattle. » 10/20/14 3:24pm 10/20/14 3:24pm

The Lions Received An "Extra" Timeout In A Game They Won With 10…

With St. Louis driving into Detroit territory late in a tie game, a broken play on second down saw Rams QB Sam Bradford scramble to the right side. With Detroit down to their final timeout, Bradford smartly slid rather than run out of bounds, to keep the clock going. There was 2:38 left, so the Rams could just run… » 9/11/12 4:30pm 9/11/12 4:30pm

Jeff Fisher Is Putting Together A Terrible Coaching Staff In St. Louis

Jeff Fisher, he of that popped collar and tied sweater, has the Rams' reins and he's not relinquishing them. In fact, he's already gotten started on doing some fantastically stupid things: » 1/16/12 1:35pm 1/16/12 1:35pm

Congratulations To New Rams Coach Jeff Fisher, Who On At Least One…

Reader John sends in a photo, taken with Jeff Fisher "at a bar in Florida this summer," where Fisher was reportedly pounding beers like a champ. Good for him: turning around these Rams won't be so casual. » 1/13/12 5:10pm 1/13/12 5:10pm

Titans Owner Bud Adams Didn't Seem To Know He Lost $8 Million In A…

Right after the Tennessee Titans confirmed, via one-sentence press release, that it had parted ways with coach Jeff Fisher after 16 seasons, the news seemed to surprise Bud Adams. When a reporter from The Tennessean called, he said ... » 1/28/11 5:00am 1/28/11 5:00am

Is This Randy Moss Anonymously Bashing Jeff Fisher On Nashville Radio?

Someone named "Woody" called into our old friend Clay Travis's show, blasting Jeff Fisher and hoping he's done in Tennessee. Then someone else pointed out that it sounded an awful lot like malcontent receiver Randy Moss. Very interesting. » 12/17/10 3:45pm 12/17/10 3:45pm

Vince Young Just Can't Pull Himself Together

Remember in the summer of 2009 when VY was all ballsy and told Esquire that he'd be the next "next black quarterback to win a Super Bowl" And "be in the Hall of Fame"? Probably not with the Titans. » 11/22/10 11:10am 11/22/10 11:10am

Jeff Fisher, Private Eye, Goes Clubbing

A day after Kenny Britt got involved in a scuffle at a Nashville nightspot, Fisher went to Karma Lounge — at midnight — and did his own investigation. His findings: Waka Flocka Flame is about to blow up. [Tennessean] » 10/26/10 4:45pm 10/26/10 4:45pm

No, ESPN Did Not Tell The MNF Coaches To Take Timeouts (UPDATE)

Paranoia swept the blogosphere this morning, as word spread like wildfire that ESPN had told the Jaguars and Titans to use their timeouts at the end of a blowout to get more commercial breaks. Great story. Too bad it's not true. » 10/19/10 3:00pm 10/19/10 3:00pm

Everything You Need To Know About The Titans Suing Lane Kiffin And USC

The Tennessee Titans filed a lawsuit against USC and Lane Kiffin on Monday after the Trojans hired away former Titans running backs coach Kennedy Pola. Clay Travis sifts through the legalese and tells you everything you need to know. [FanHouse] » 7/27/10 2:25pm 7/27/10 2:25pm

Jeff Fisher Joins the People Disappointed in Lane Kiffin Club

USC is set to hire Tennessee Titans running backs coach Kennedy Pola to serve as offensive coordinator under coach Lane Kiffin, causing Titans coach — and USC alum — Jeff Fisher to question the professionalism of the Trojans' head man.
"Typically speaking ... there is a courtesy call made from the head coach or…
» 7/24/10 5:00pm 7/24/10 5:00pm

Jeff Fisher Mental Breakdown Watch, Day 1

The "leader" of the 0-6 Titans showed up to speak at a Nashville luncheon today wearing a Peyton Manning jersey. Said he "just wanted to feel like a winner." See, it's hilarious because he's a failure! [MusicCityMiracles/RecklessLove] » 10/20/09 6:15pm 10/20/09 6:15pm

Blame the Wildcat: Favre Is a Wide Receiver and Fisher Is…

Brett Favre learned everything he knows about playing wide receiver from an instructional book written in an obsolete vernacular. And for some reason Jeff Fisher decided to make his arrival at Friday's practice via parachute. Both teams have added field goals since we last checked in, making the score 13-3 in favor of… » 11/23/08 3:00pm 11/23/08 3:00pm

Vince Young's Got A Gun: Searching For Answers To The Quarterback's…

Plainly this won't be the last bit of news to trickle out about Vince Young's meltdown, but it's probably the last bit of news to explain the post-midnight visit with Coach Fisher. In addition to abruptly leaving his home without his cell phone, Young had a gun in the car. According to The Tennessean the gun was not… » 9/09/08 3:30pm 9/09/08 3:30pm

This Vince Young Melt Down Is Getting Uglier...and Scary

It's beginning to look like Young is on the verge of a full-scale collapse. All day long Nashville airwaves exploded with talk of Young's alleged refusal to return to the field after his second interception » 9/09/08 11:30am 9/09/08 11:30am. Now, things off the field are looking worse. Last night at 12:30 a.m., according to WKRN News, Titans coach…

Drug Dealers Are Terrible Character Witnesses

Time for a Pacman Jones update, because now that all the newspapers are finally catching up on the story of his weekend in Vegas, we figured we should help keep them updated. (With a local TV news, of course.) Turns out, one of Pacman's buddies is a drug dealer in Tennessee, and he was taped recently with some choice… » 2/27/07 12:15pm 2/27/07 12:15pm

Why Do We Consider The NFL Fun Again?

Anyone who watched the NFL last season ended up captivated by two charismatic, outsized personalities: Clinton Portis and Chad Johnson. Every week, each did something creative, original and undeniably fun; we found ourselves rooting for their on-field exploits much more than we would have otherwise. And their dances… » 3/28/06 12:00pm 3/28/06 12:00pm

Athlete Run-Ins: Craps With Jeff Fisher

Last week, we held a contest for readers to send in their best athlete run-in stories, and, we're proud to say, we got some doozies. We'll be running a couple a day on the site over the next couple of weeks, and we suspect you will enjoy them. » 11/16/05 10:55am 11/16/05 10:55am