Jim Leyland Was Righteously Pissed At Some Terrible Umpiring

In the second inning of yesterday's matinee in Boston, Mike Aviles struck out. Well, he should have struck out. He swung and missed and everything. But the home plate umpire ruled that catcher Gerald Laird had short-hopped the catch, and on his second try, Aviles stroked an RBI single. It would lead to a three-run… »5/29/12 2:15pm5/29/12 2:15pm

Bryce Harper Shows Off His Arm Cannon, Gets Screwed By Umpire

Recreational softball phenom Bryce Harper is making quite the impression on the DC fan base during his debut fortnight in The Show. (They're not really going to send him back down to AAA, are they?) First, it was making good with the locals during a softball game on the Mall, and in lieu of raking any noteworthy hits… »5/02/12 12:30pm5/02/12 12:30pm

Now Someone Has Sent Us A Picture Of What Might Be A Football Shower At Penn State [UPDATE]

We posted a story last week about Deadspin's failure to infiltrate the Penn State football showers where Jerry Sandusky used to shower with boys. A reader later sent us this photo of what his friend says are showers in the Lasch Football Building. Exciting, no? The friend is a manager for the Nebraska football team,… »12/19/11 3:55pm12/19/11 3:55pm

Why We Don't Have Any Photos Of The Showers At Penn State

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—Once the promised spectacle of Jerry Sandusky's scheduled hearing had fallen apart on Tuesday, what was there to do around State College, Pa., but try to get a look at the Nittany Lions' shower room? Dom and I wanted to photograph the scene of the most appallingly detailed of the alleged crimes, in… »12/16/11 5:38pm12/16/11 5:38pm