Jeff Triplette Is Working A Playoff Game For Some Reason

How many referees' names do you actually know? In an ideal world, it'd be Ed Hochuli, and that's it. But the name Jeff Triplette has popped up a few times this year, and not for anything good: Triplette's crew had major game-changing screw-ups in consecutive weeks. And what do you know? Triplette's working a playoff… » 1/02/14 10:21am 1/02/14 10:21am

Jeff Triplette's Officiating Website Does Its Best Triplette Impression

NFL referee Jeff Triplette has had a rough December so far. There was a botched ruling in Week 13's Giants-Skins game killing Washington's chance at a comeback. During this past Sunday's Colts-Bengals game, Triplette overturned a call after viewing a replay, giving BenJarvus Green-Ellis a touchdown when video showed… » 12/10/13 9:23pm 12/10/13 9:23pm