Jeff Van Gundy Sits Down During Live Shot; Mark Jackson Mocks Him

Jeff Van Gundy got off to a rough start last night and didn't even make it to the tip of Warriors-Lakers before stepping in it. Mike Breen and Van Gundy were standing for a pre-game shot and hadn't even introduced the starting lineups when Van Gundy just casually starts to sit down. He slowly leaves the frame while… » 11/23/13 9:45am 11/23/13 9:45am

"What A Joke This Sport Is!" Jeff Van Gundy Is Not A Fan Of The…

The Thunder's beat-down of the Lakers last night got a little boring towards the end, as beat-downs will, and unlike some spectators, Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy were contractually obligated to remain in their seats. Naturally, talk turned to the designated hitter, and—like many people, but in his inimitable… » 1/12/13 2:15pm 1/12/13 2:15pm

While Calling Game Involving Sub-.500 Team, Jeff Van Gundy Says…

Midway through last night's snoozer of a Lakers-Thunder matchup—one OKC walked away with to the tune of 114-108—ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy poked fun at competitor NBA TV's sub-par national broadcast lineup. He has a point; NBA TV's national games have been far from the spotlight matchups of those on TNT or even… » 12/08/12 9:00am 12/08/12 9:00am

Did The NBA Block Stan Van Gundy From Going To ESPN? Jeff Van Gundy…

Recently, former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy called David Stern a dick, among other things. Van Gundy disparaging Stern isn't a rare occurrence, as the two have a less-than-amicable relationship. But did Stern take revenge by influencing ESPN into rescinding their job offer to Van Gundy? Jeff Van Gundy, Stan's brother… » 10/22/12 12:50pm 10/22/12 12:50pm

The NBA Is Finally Doing Something About Flopping

It's been a big story over the past few seasons: NBA players—in increasingly large numbers, rather than in isolated instances of Divacs and Lambieers and Reggie Millers—had outsmarted the league and taken advantage of the difficulty on officiating NBA games by just falling on the floor all the time and acting hurt.… » 9/30/12 9:20am 9/30/12 9:20am

Who Will Speak Up For The Victims Of Flopping? Jeff Van Gundy Will

Jeff Van Gundy was mad enough when Mickael Pietrus stuck Mario Chalmers with a bogus technical foul down the stretch of last night's Celtics-Heat Game 5. But then, as he fumes about the damage a single unjustly awarded free throw could do in a close game, he accidentally sends his partner Mike Breen into his generic… » 6/06/12 1:39pm 6/06/12 1:39pm

I Had Nothing To Do With Stan Van Gundy Getting Fired, Says Guy Who Had…

Jeff Van Gundy was recently interviewed by Stephen A. Smith and the world did not, in fact, go collectively deaf. What's more, we learned that Jeff Van Gundy thinks the Magic and Dwight Howard are full of shit with regard to his brother's employment status. He saved his most pointed comments for Alex Martins, however. » 5/26/12 4:00pm 5/26/12 4:00pm

LeBron James Has Ushered In The NBA Playoffs Flop Era

While debate continues to rage in regard to whether Tyson Chandler's screen on LeBron James today really accounted for a flagrant foul, there's no doubt that LeBron augmented the impact with his own brand of thespianism. The incident set Jeff Van Gundy off on another rant about flopping, and is a suggestion the… » 4/28/12 7:00pm 4/28/12 7:00pm

James Jones Flopped, And It Sent Jeff Van Gundy On An Apoplectic Rant

ESPN basketball analyst Jeff Van Gundy has gone on rants about flopping before, but today's (sparked by a third-quarter dive by James Jones in the Heat-Knicks matchup) is one for the ages. Play-by-play man Mike Breen tries his hardest to get Van Gundy off the topic, but fails—JVG even runs over the… » 4/15/12 3:07pm 4/15/12 3:07pm

Bill Simmons, Malcolm Gladwell, And The Dirty Secret Of The MIT Sports…

The Joke That Started It All
Shortly after 9 a.m. Friday, in a big gray conference room in a big gray convention center, 1,500 people—mostly white, mostly male, mostly clad in business suits—roar with laughter. Jeff Van Gundy, the former Knicks and Rockets coach and current ESPN analyst, has just cracked wise. Jeff… » 3/10/11 2:32pm 3/10/11 2:32pm