Report: NHL To Take Over The Devils

It was just Monday that the NHL finally sold the Coyotes after four years of trying. Now it seems the league is getting back into the ownership game—Forbes reports that the NHL is preparing to take over the debt-ridden Devils. » 8/08/13 11:34am 8/08/13 11:34am

Report: The NHL Is Planning To Seize The New Jersey Devils From Their…

Jeff Vanderbeek, he's the guy above, not the guy from Dawson's Creek. He owns the New Jersey Devils, or at least he "owns" them in the same way that the Wilpons own the Mets or Frank McCourt owned the Dodgers. Oodles of his debt weigh the team down, and he can't pay it off. The Devils missed a loan payment back in… » 6/18/12 11:40am 6/18/12 11:40am