Someone Appears To Be Trying To Hoax The Marlins President Out Of His Job

When the Miami Marlins sent Marcell Ozuna to the minors on July 5, there was more in play than just giving the slumping third-year outfielder a chance “to get his rhythm back,” as Ozuna’s agent Scott Boras said he was told. Whether Ozuna becomes eligible for arbitration after this season or next depends on how much… »9/03/15 9:17am9/03/15 9:17am


Marlins Event Charges $100 To Hang Out With Players, Who Never Show

Here’s an ad featuring Marlins first baseman Michael Morse promoting the “Fish ‘N Chips Casino Party,” where “me and my teammates” will join anyone who puts up $100 to support the Marlins Foundation for a night of dancing, gambling, and entertainment. One problem: the event was held Thursday, and none of the players… »5/23/15 10:43am5/23/15 10:43am

Giancarlo Stanton Ruining Baseballs Almost Makes Up For Jeffrey Loria

Back in February, Sports Illustrated had a neat cover story on slugger Giancarlo Stanton, his injury last season, and the Miami Marlins’ new strategy of not fielding an embarrassing team. For a minute, the article really convinced the reader that owner Jeffrey Loria cared about his franchise. Stanton even gave a… »5/20/15 11:14am5/20/15 11:14am

Giancarlo Stanton Is Rightfully Wary Of The Marlins' Stink

Giancarlo Stanton is having a tremendous year. He leads the NL in WAR, and he's carried a plucky young Miami Marlins team that is without ace José Fernández to a .500 record and within range of a Wild Card spot. On a normal team, a season like this would leave a player like Stanton feeling enthused about the… »8/26/14 1:56pm8/26/14 1:56pm

Miami Marlins Owner's Insane Book About Peanuts Will Melt Your Brain

When we speak of spring and baseball, we speak of renewal. New shoots of grass, possibility, the warm rays in Florida. We rarely mention the game's antipodal force that dwells there too, a darkness that consumes joy—its unblinking saurian eyes unevolved for 37 million years, unregenerate in its predation on all hope.… »4/03/14 1:17pm4/03/14 1:17pm

Disgusting Rich Person Jeffrey Loria Sold A Painting For $32.6 Million

When Jeffrey Loria isn't busy running the Marlins into the ground, he's wheeling and dealing in the art world. On Monday, he sold a (lovely!) portrait by Alberto Giacometti for $32.6 million at a New York art auction. That puts the painting's value just $7 million shy of the current payroll of the Miami Marlins. »11/06/13 5:20pm11/06/13 5:20pm

Jeffrey Loria Strikes Back: "It Ain't True, Folks" And Marlins Park Has Won Awards

Jeffrey Loria took out a full page ad in several South Florida newspapers today in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of the six people who haven't quite made up their minds on his wretched franchise. He talks about a lot of things: the unsustainable roster full of major league talent, the World Series Miami won a… »2/24/13 4:05pm2/24/13 4:05pm

Jeffrey Loria Told Jose Reyes To "Get A Nice House In Miami" Four Days Before Trading Him And Decimating The Marlins' Roster

We knew that the Marlins had given Jose Reyes "verbal assurances" that they wouldn't trade him, but yesterday brought a new report about the exact content of those promises and when the Marlins were making them. In particular, walking pair of conspicuously expensive sunglasses Jeffrey Loria told Jose Reyes to buy a… »2/16/13 12:20pm2/16/13 12:20pm

The Real Cost To Miami For Marlins Park Is In The Billions

We've aired our grievances with the very concept of public financing for sports stadiums, especially the sweetheart deal Jeffrey Loria got for Marlins Park, where the team had to cover less than 20 percent of the cost. But even if you're not philosophically opposed to tax money going to multi-millionaire owners, it's… »1/25/13 11:10am1/25/13 11:10am

The Marlins' Megadeal Could Be Good For Miami If Jeffrey Loria Didn't Exist

It took almost a week, but everyone's taken their physicals and the commissioner's office has signed off on the crazypants deal. Deep breath: The Marlins will receive Henderson Alvarez, Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, Jeff Mathis, Jake Marisnick, Anthony DeSclafani, and Justin Nicolino. The Blue Jays get Jose… »11/19/12 5:15pm11/19/12 5:15pm

The Marlins Specifically Promised Not To Trade Jose Reyes And Mark Buehrle, Traded Jose Reyes And Mark Buehrle

Need another reason to hate the Marlins? Let's add this to the list (there's seriously a list): not only did the Miami Marlins and their awful ownership trade away half the team—they did so despite promising at least two stars, who signed with the Marlins this summer hoping to stay in Miami for some time, that they… »11/17/12 7:15pm11/17/12 7:15pm

Mayor Of Miami Writes Letter To Bud Selig Imploring Him To Stop The Marlins Trade

It's not just Marlins fans and baseball bloggers that are mad at Jeffrey Loria for gutting the Marlins roster yet again. Now the Mayor of Miami is lobbying for Bud Selig to prevent the Marlins from sticking the city of Miami with a brand new stadium that nobody wants to go to because the team's roster keeps getting… »11/16/12 6:32pm11/16/12 6:32pm