Every Cold-Weather City Should Host The Super Bowl

Despite the objections of Joe Flacco, next year's Super Bowl will be played in lovely northern New Jersey. It might be windy. It might snow. But as long as no great disaster happens, like thousands of trapped fans at Seacaucus Junction going Donner Party on each other, the NFL will make a lot of money and every other… » 3/19/13 11:17am 3/19/13 11:17am

Eagles And Browns Executives Are Feuding Like High School Girls Over…

On Monday, CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora did a hatchet job on Eagles GM Howie Roseman. He wrote that Roseman was "drunk with power" and "woefully out of his depth," and to add the sheen of authority, La Canfora cloaked it in "a growing perception around the league." » 1/18/13 11:45am 1/18/13 11:45am