ESPN Fight: Hugh Douglas Called Colleague Michael Smith "Uncle Tom"

Last Thursday, at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair, Hugh Douglas, the former Eagle and current NFL analyst for ESPN, was very drunk. A day later he would be both drunk and combative, and, as The Big Lead first reported, he and an ESPN colleague would nearly come to blows. But… » 8/06/13 1:06pm 8/06/13 1:06pm

Let's Play "Count The Slurs In Jemele Hill's Hate Mail"

Jemele Hill posted to Twitter one of the many hate letters ESPN gets about her, this time for her appearances on Colin Cowherd's radio show. And you have to give the writer some credit. Besides the immaculate penmanship (Hill notes a correlation between racists and hand-written letters), he manages to nail every slur… » 1/04/13 11:35am 1/04/13 11:35am

ESPN's Jemele Hill Is Here To Answer Your Questions

ESPN columnist Jemele Hill is live from Colorado and ready to answer your questions in the discussion below. She's got sideline duty—her first year doing it!—for Friday night's Hawaii-Air Force game on ESPN2. Also, it's been an eventful week at ESPN, and Jemele's done plenty of work at First Take. Lots to talk about… » 11/15/12 12:58pm 11/15/12 12:58pm

Which World Cup Coach Hit On Jemele Hill?

The sultry Ms. Hill had the moves put on her by a World Cup coach yesterday. She shut him down, but refuses to name the would-be Casanova. We look at the candidates. » 6/16/10 1:10pm 6/16/10 1:10pm

Jemele HIll Apologizes For Her Mouth Again

ESPN columnist and "First Take" talking face, Jemele Hill, suggested that Kentucky fans would be satisfied with Charles Manson as their head coach as long as the team is winning. UK was offended, so, of course, Hill apologized to them. » 12/21/09 12:30pm 12/21/09 12:30pm

Woody Paige Must Have Missed The Meeting

Jemele Hill graduated from "Cold Pizza" to "Around The Horn" today—her first appearance on the show—and Woody Paige wasted no time in making an inappropriate overture to her grandmother. Smooth. [Video via ESPN] » 10/22/09 6:20pm 10/22/09 6:20pm

Jason Whitlock Stages His Own Private Sports Media Roast

In his latest, Whitlock uses the occasion of Erin Andrews' Oprah appearance to go all Jeffrey Ross-on-Bea Arthur on his colleagues. Reilly's column: "read by tens of hundreds of readers who find it while looking for Bill Simmons' column." Burn! » 9/03/09 3:30pm 9/03/09 3:30pm

Charles Rogers Blew Ay-Day. AY-DAY

Click to viewIf you ever wondered how former Lions #2 overall pick Charles Rogers turned out to be such a bust, Jemele Hill of ESPN got the answer from him: Construda. Construda AY-DAY. » 8/05/09 1:30pm 8/05/09 1:30pm

Matt Berry: Uflappable Liver

Jemele Hill: "Best person to party with is Matthew Berry. Don't stereotype him as some kind of geek. Berry can GO. We're both born in December and love to have fun. His liver is unflappable."[MLive] » 12/12/08 4:30pm 12/12/08 4:30pm

According to Jemele Hill, Warren Sapp Deserves a Pounding for Keyshawn…

Here's an amusing little snag from Awful Announcing » 11/13/08 4:30pm 11/13/08 4:30pm, featuring current "Inside the NFL" analyst Warren Sapp and budding home decorator/"NFL Live" analyst, Keyshawn Johnson. Sapp was responding to viewer questions during his "Ask Warren Anything" segment. One viewer was curious about Sapp's thoughts on his former .…

Jemele Hill Just Taking This Whole Lou Holtz-Hitler Backlash in Stride

Jemele Hill finally addressed the whole Lou Holtz/Hitler non-suspension story » 10/21/08 4:45pm 10/21/08 4:45pm today on her personal blog and is predictably measured in her response. Hill, who was after she dropped the H-bomb in a pro-Pistons column for, says that she's received plenty of emails from friends and controversy-seekers…

Are You Offended By ESPN?

That's the question posed by MarketWatch columnist Jon Friedman, who gives the WWL a thorough Bissingering based on the recent "lowbrow or boorish behavior" of some of ESPN's talent. Specifically, the incidents involving Jemele Hill, Dana Jacobson, and Bonnie Bernstein, respectively. Friedman's piece, titled "ESPN:… » 7/09/08 4:30pm 7/09/08 4:30pm

Who's Sorry Now? ESPN Columnist Edition

I wanted the final Who's Sorry Now? post during Will's tenure to be a memorable one, and this one's a doozy. Jemele Hill's latest column over at the Page Dos includes the phrase "I'm sorry," not once, but three times ... plus dozens of other variations of the term sprinkled throughout. It's a mea culpa for the ages,… » 6/24/08 3:00pm 6/24/08 3:00pm

ESPN Is Giving Jemele Hill Some Quiet Time

As you've probably heard by now, ESPN has suspended Jemele Hill for a "period of time" after one of her columns broke Godwin's Law and invoked Hitler. We do hope local Boston sports radio is happy now that they have their scalp. » 6/18/08 5:30pm 6/18/08 5:30pm

Celtics Fans Are No Longer Hitler Sympathizers

The first line of Jemele HIll's article showed promise: "I thought it wouldn't bother me. I thought I would be OK. Turns out, I was as wrong as Skip Bayless." But somewhere down the line, she lost her way. A reader tipped us off that in Hill's anti-Celtics screed, she used a line that likened rooting for the… » 6/15/08 1:30pm 6/15/08 1:30pm

ESPN Tries To Find Someone Who Can Match Skip Bayless' Intelligence

So you know how "Cold Pizza" is changing its name to "ESPN First Take" and moving from New York City to Bristol next month? You didn't know this? What's that you say? You don't care at all? Yeah. We can probably understand where you're coming from there. » 4/16/07 1:15pm 4/16/07 1:15pm

Is The Jemele Hill Salary Figure Wrong?

The arrival of Jemele Hill to Page 2 has been surrounded with discussion, mostly because of her apparent salary, reported by The Big Lead as $400,000 over two years. » 11/17/06 4:00pm 11/17/06 4:00pm

Welcome To Page 2, Ms. Hill

By our rudimentary calculations, new Page 2 columnist Jemele Hill, who made her debut on the site today, will write roughly 92 columns for the site during her two-year deal. (We assumed two a week, with at least six weeks off for vacations and holidays; we're probably being too generous.) As reported by The Big Lead,… » 11/15/06 4:00pm 11/15/06 4:00pm

Page 2 Hands Out The Lucre

Well, it appears Page 2 is filling in some voids left by the Whitlock/Shanoff/Bayless exodus: According to The Big Lead, they have hired the Orlando Sentinel's Jemele Hill to a two-year deal. » 10/24/06 12:45pm 10/24/06 12:45pm