Liverpool Apologizes To Fake Rumormonger For Threatening His Family

Sean Cummins was just a regular guy with too much time on his hands, and a pseudonymous Twitter account, and a knack for guessing at soccer transactions. Liverpool executives believed that "Duncan Jenkins" was a real journalist, with sources inside the club, who drove up the team's transfer costs by leaking upcoming… »10/30/12 4:11pm10/30/12 4:11pm


An Astounding Story Of Fraud, Blackmail, And The Fake Twitter Rumormonger Who Took On Liverpool

You don't need a ton of context to appreciate how batshit amazing this story is. Out of nowhere, a Twitter account emerges, claiming to have inside information. He floats some transfer rumors, scores a few hits, and all of a sudden becomes one of the more trusted sources covering Liverpool FC. So trusted that the club… »10/12/12 10:20am10/12/12 10:20am