Ya' Ever Play A Game Called "Texas Muffin Tumble" Lil' Lady?

Okay, so President G.W. Bush didn't exactly ask that question to softballer Jennie Finch, but the creepy sexual tension between these two just leaps off of this photo, does it not? But Bush wasn't in the White House Rose Garden just to give Finch the ol' shitkicker leer. He was there to formally send off the U.S.… »7/21/08 6:00pm7/21/08 6:00pm

Apparently, The Jennie Finchification Of Softball Is Under Way

So, has Jennie Finch completely transformed softball from a sport once overtaken by rampant lesbianism to one more appealing to bubbly straight girls ? It depends. You can talk to one person and they'll tell you about how half the people they knew on their college and high school softball team wore their K.D. Lang… »5/22/08 6:00pm5/22/08 6:00pm