This Koala Bear Had A Pretty Fucking Rough Month, Man. Real Rough.

This little buddy's name is Jeremy, and he's a koala that got his paws all fucked up in a brush fire earlier this month. Luckily, he was scooped up by the Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organization, and they put his little paws in some ointment and put some bandages on him and now he's all better. »1/30/15 5:30pm1/30/15 5:30pm


Jeremy Guthrie on 15-Day Disabled List Because He Is A Bicycle-Riding Hippie

Jeremy Guthrie, who may have more in common with Arlo than previously thought, will "miss a couple starts" according to Rockies' manager Jim Tracy with some right AC joint pain. »4/28/12 12:00pm4/28/12 12:00pm

I don't know Jeremy, maybe get yourself a fixie or something and just cruise along like all the other hipster hippies. It's safer than…