Jeremy Guthrie Was On The Lookout For Beer-Tossing Jays Fans

The umpires needed a replay review to figure out that Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar was hit by a pitch during the second inning of last night’s Royals-Blue Jays game, and Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie immediately thought of what happened the last time the Jays’ home crowd saw their team get screwed by replay: »10/21/15 12:26pm10/21/15 12:26pm


Baseball Battle For Lorde's Approval Continues Unabated

Update: Apparently I'm an idiot/pop culture recluse, and the shirt actually references the hook from Chris Brown's song "Loyal" which goes "these hoes ain't loyal." In my defense I rarely listen to that women-beating moron, and I'm really annoyed by all of those Lorde cover songs. Anyways, look at the funny t-shirt! »10/15/14 2:25am10/15/14 2:25am

Jeremy Guthrie on 15-Day Disabled List Because He Is A Bicycle-Riding Hippie

Jeremy Guthrie, who may have more in common with Arlo than previously thought, will "miss a couple starts" according to Rockies' manager Jim Tracy with some right AC joint pain. »4/28/12 12:00pm4/28/12 12:00pm

I don't know Jeremy, maybe get yourself a fixie or something and just cruise along like all the other hipster hippies. It's safer than…