The Chiefs Finally Put An End To Football's Silliest Streak

I can appreciate a good sports streak as much as anyone, but the dumb ones are always more fun than the actually impressive ones. Which is why last night’s Chiefs-Packers game was, despite Aaron Rodgers’s continued brilliance, kind of a bummer. The Chiefs, for the first time in 18 regular-season games, threw a… »9/29/15 10:18am9/29/15 10:18am


Jeremy Maclin Appears To Injure Leg, Comes Right Back In

Jeremy Maclin, who missed all of last season after blowing out his ACL, went down with a non-contact injury early in the second quarter against Pittsburgh tonight. It looked ugly, like his knee hyperextended and buckled, and he was on the ground grabbing his knee for a while. But no need to fear the worst, Maclin… »8/21/14 9:10pm8/21/14 9:10pm