Jeremy Mayfield's NASCAR Suit Dismissed Due To Lack Of Realism

Racing fans may be wondering what's up with their favorite tweaked out NASCAR family, but sadly the trial of the century between Jeremy Mayfield and his drug-testing bosses has been called off due to crazy things like "the law." » 5/18/10 11:30pm 5/18/10 11:30pm

The Mayfields Take Their Crazy Feud Up A Notch

Lisa Mayfield accused her NASCAR-driving stepson of being a meth head, so Jeremy Mayfield accused his stepmom of murdering his father. On Saturday, a crazy drunk woman was found trying to break into Jeremy Mayfield's house. Guess who? » 8/17/09 3:30pm 8/17/09 3:30pm

Jeremy Mayfield Goes To War Against NASCAR And His "Whore" Stepmom

As noted last night, NASCAR says that Jeremy Mayfield failed another drug test, but he has fired back with even more outrageous countercharges—like implying NASCAR's chairman is on drugs and flat-out accusing his stepmother of murdering his father. » 7/16/09 1:45pm 7/16/09 1:45pm