"Ur Probably Rob Ray": Jeremy Roenick's Spirited Banter With The Twitter Troll He Wants To Fight

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Jeremy Roenick exploring the legality of a death match with a Twitter troll. Since then, the troll in question has gotten in touch and sent us the direct messages Roenick sent him. We reached out to Roenick about the authenticity of these DMs, but he never got back to us. »11/09/12 2:40pm11/09/12 2:40pm

Jeremy Roenick Wants To Make Sure Everything's Legal When He Beats Up This Twitter Troll For Charity

Last week, friend of the site Jeremy Roenick sent out an interesting tweet:
»11/08/12 12:31pm11/08/12 12:31pm

No, Roenick wasn't seeking counsel for a divorce. He just wanted to make sure everything's kosher before he beats the piss out of a Twitter troll. Having finally convinced his antagonist to fight him in person for charity, Roenick…

Mike Keenan, The NHL's Last Great Asshole Coach

Playing for coach Mike Keenan in Chicago was like camping on the side of an active volcano. You had to accept the reality that he erupted regularly and that there was always a danger of being caught in his lava flow. He was a tyrant, a schoolyard bully, an oldschool coach who tried to motivate players through… »11/08/12 11:00am11/08/12 11:00am

Now's Your Chance To Chat With Jeremy Roenick, Nine-Time NHL All-Star And NBC Analyst

Jeremy Roenick scored 513 goals in his 18 NHL seasons with the Blackhawks, Coyotes, Flyers, Kings, and Sharks. (You will recall, since it's not so active at present, the NHL is an occasionally operational professional league in which rich men compensate other men to play hockey.) Roenick retired in 2009. Now he works… »11/05/12 2:00pm11/05/12 2:00pm

Jeremy Roenick Doesn't Daydream; He's Too Busy Giving Other People Nightmares

• And I'm Not Even Counting The Wraparounds. Nineteen years after he scored his first NHL goal, Jeremy Roenick finally netted number 500 in the Sharks' 4-1 victory over the Coyotes. J.R. became just the third American-born player to reach 500 goals, and ranks 40th in goals and 44th in points on the career lists. But… »11/11/07 11:45am11/11/07 11:45am