Warren Sapp Says He's Not A Reporter, But He Is Willing To Fight Jeremy …

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: After claiming Shockey was the Bountygate snitch, Sapp wants to clear some things up. » 6/22/12 4:50pm 6/22/12 4:50pm

Jeremy Shockey Gets Sean Payton To Clear His Name

Jeremy Shockey is going to great lengths to prove that he's not the snitch who notified the NFL of the Saints' bounty program, including texting Sean Payton, and posting that conversation for everyone to see. » 3/22/12 1:15pm 3/22/12 1:15pm

An Inside Look At How Jeremy Shockey Will Beat This "Snitching" Rap

Self-proclaimed life coach Jeremy Shockey was fingered today by NFL Network's Warren Sapp as the "snitch" who helped expose the New Orleans Saints' bounty program that led to coach Sean Payton's subsequent one-year suspension. Now, in keeping with the NFL's arcane sense of antiquated machismo, that's a bad thing. You… » 3/21/12 8:15pm 3/21/12 8:15pm

Kenny Chesney Practices with Saints; Undresses Injured Player; Hangs…

Country singer Kenny Chesney, who sometimes seems to make a living as a singer so he can participate in football events, practiced with the New Orleans Saints yesterday » 8/12/08 11:00am 8/12/08 11:00am. Chesney's appearance was not announced to the crowd watching practice, but Chesney ran routes, fielded punts, and did his best to relieve his high…

Jeremy Shockey Breaks Through New Orleans Douche Levee

This is Jeremy Shockey. You might remember Jeremy from the time you drafted him two rounds too high in your fantasy draft because a) He played in New York, and b) You're subconsciously just a bit racist. Jeremy, seen here trying to convince a woman to go home with him so he can give her Hepatitis Q, has been traded… » 7/21/08 3:45pm 7/21/08 3:45pm